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Silence, Grazia Indonesia

Glow Barcelona | Silence editorial 1

Starting the year like this gives you an incredible energy boost. This week we have the pleasure of seeing our editorial 'Silence', published in the magazine Grazia Indonesia.

Silence is one of these editorials that comes out by itself, from within, without effort - flows like water, as if the project had been asleep in your head and was destined to one day find such a great team to make everything "click" and do it all together. The model Aricia Lima, made it very easy and immediately captured the delicacy of the session. The concept of the session was provided by Laura Gruiz - the photographer wanted to capture the elegance, warmth and fragility from moments of solitude.

As for the makeup, I just respected the beautiful skin of Aricia, enhancing it's own beauty and bringing small touches of color with brightness in certain areas of the face.

The result is so beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

Keep Glowing!

Psst ...! Do you want to see the full session? You have the gallery below with the extra content of the entire session.

Glow Barcelona | Silence editorial Grazia_ID Spread 1
Glow Barcelona | Silence editorial Grazia_ID Spread 2
Glow Barcelona | Silence editorial Grazia_ID Spread 3



Photography by Laura Gr, model Aricia Lima for Glow model