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Harpers Bazaar June 19


There are some projects you immediately know you are going to enjoy from start to finish. Today I bring you the latest editorial published by Harpers Bazaar Arabia titled Garden of Eden. In addition to showing you guys the final result, I am going to take you through the elements of the creative process and how exactly the makeup and hairstyle looks were designed and achieved.

First of all, it’s vital to understand the creative concept in order to comprehend the message behind the style that distinguishes the editorial. To do this, there are many factors that you need to take into account: from the choice of model, the “acting” they perform during the shoot, the setting and scenery, the styling, the colour scheme and, of course, the makeup look and hairstyle


By creating a narrative idea, it will transform the editorial in a way that effectively expresses and captures the concepts. In this case, Anna Castán, the stylist and creative director, imagines that this person is as: “A time-traveller, able to travel from one place to another in a magical way, dressed with dream-like clothes, amongst memory of a dreamlike trip where she does not want to wake up”.

For the creation of the makeup look, I immersed myself into the beauty concept for women of the Nomadic tribes of Mongolia. The idea of the fortress inspired me for these women are always travelling and with blushed red skin, raw and suffering from atmospheric changes of nature.

The model, Paula Anguera, was the perfect choice for this editorial. Her great beauty along with her strong masculine features such as very striking eyebrows which add an intensity in the gaze.


The makeup design is based on the cheekbones, to do this I used the Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush by Shiseido in the Eiko 04 and Setsuko 07 tones. I mixed them in order to achieve a reddish shade that will remind you of the texture of clay and merged well together with the nude contours of her natural features.

Paula has marvellous skin so I just left it as raw and natural as possible. For the gaze of the eyes, I chose the tones West side and Work it from the palet Sweet Talk by the brand Colour Pop, without stealing the prominence of her eyebrows, I gave more strength to the eyebrows to empower more hair complexions.

For the lips, I opted for a pigmented and undefined lip look with the tone 316 Devoted Chilly from the MAC Powder Kiss Line to give a reddish nuance terracotta following the line of earthy colours amongst the look.


For the hair - I decided to leave the face as clear as possible and play with the simplicity and elegance of a low ponytail which did not deter attention away from the rest of the features

In this editorial we wanted to play with two very different concepts ranging from the most feminine; the wonderful dresses of high-end fashion to a more intense side - more masculine and more natural which was reinforced through the choice of the model and the design of the makeup.

I hope you liked the concept behind this editorial, please leave a comment if you found this content interesting and if you liked the final result of the photos. Working with this team has been a unique experience. I’d like to thank my team very much, I am looking forward to working with you again.


Photography: Paolo Guadagnin

Photography Assistant : Michele Roma

Stylist: Anna Castán

Makeup & hair : Laura Sánchez @glowbcn

Model : Paula Anguera At Traffic agency

Producer: Lluis Rivera

Location: Jardins de mar i murtra

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