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Next February 17 we will celebrate love in style. Because love is not only the love of lovebirds, "love is in the air" as John Paul Young famously sang.

Doesn't matter if you are single, in a couple. or in that "you don't know where it's going" type of relationship(I feel you, sister) in this life the most important thing is that we love each other. Because the relationship we have with ourselves is and always will be the most important we have.

I announce that the next February 17 we celebrate the Beauty party - LOVE (GLOW) IS ALL YOU NEED with love in the studio.

GLOW - Love is all you need.jpg

In the Beauty party we will celebrate how much we love each other whilst learning to do make up and highlight our beautiful faces (a little vanity from time to time can't hurt, I assure you.)

It will be a two-hour workshop in which I will explain how to treat the skin, what makeup tone is best for you. I will also teach you how to make smokey eyes - easy and simple.

We will finish this Valentine look with a beautiful red lipstick. So if you are afraid and you have never seen one... you know what 2018 holds for you. I dare you to try!

The Beauty Party will be decorated and set with the theme of love. There will be fruits and sweets, and we will also have a glass of cava to toast our love - from us to you.

It is essential to say only nice things in the mirror when we do the course.

I reserve the right to self-criticism ;)


Date: Saturday February 17 at 11.30

Very limited places

€ 45 p.p