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Miin Cosmetics x Melo Meli Event Recap!


Korean Beauty has been all the craze and as a skincare enthusiast I was so excited when Barcelona’s K-Beauty experts Miin Cosmetics approached me to do an event. Miin Cosmetics has recently launched K-Beauty makeup line Melo Meli in their stores! I had the pleasure of hosting an event at the studio to test all the products and try some fun K-Beauty inspired looks on all the attendees! The team at Miin Cosmetics was amazing and gave me their book “EL ARTE COREANO DEL CUIDADO DE LA PIEL“ to fully grasp the concept of Korean Beauty and understand the versatility of their highly recommended brands/products! For starters let’s break down the Korean Skincare routine!

The K-Beauty skincare routine is beneficial for anyone regardless of age - it’s a routine based on layering. When you layer products in thin amounts, from light to heavy textures, it makes them more effective overall. With light textures, the product will absorb more efficiently into the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed.

STEP 1. Remove Makeup and Oil/balm Cleansing

STEP 2. Foam Cleanse (Double Cleanse)

STEP 3. Exfoliate

STEP 4. Lotion/Toner

STEP 5. Treatment Essence/ Facial Mist

STEP 6. Essence Serum (optional)

STEP 7. Eye Cream

STEP 8. Moisturizer (Emulsion)

STEP 9. Daytime: Sunscreen or Nighttime: Sleeping Mask

Ok I get it 9 steps isn’t for everyone - you don't have to follow it completely - but do aim to follow the basic 3-step routine of cleansing, toner & moisturize. You will notice hydration is the main focus in Korean skincare, many brands will emphasize this with the toner, sheet mask, essence, and sleeping mask. Like everything in life its trial & error, customize your products with what feels right for YOUR skin. The purpose is to stick to a routine and learn to understand what your skin needs and what works for it.

The event was amazing! We held 2 sessions where we served K-Beauty realness by creating looks inspired by the youthful Baby Doll look (rose cheeks, ombre lip, hydrated skin). All the products from Melo Meli were so pigmented, versatile, and amazing quality. We wanted to give everyone attending the real K-Beauty experience so naturally we served Mochi and allowed everyone to play with the testers to get an authentic feel for the beautiful products! Everyone had an amazing time and felt it was a very personable experience. Working with the girls at Miin Cosmetics was so fun - I look forward to our next event, if you missed this one make sure to follow us both on IG for updates on any future events!

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