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It’s seems as though every year Black Friday is getting bigger, and so have the sales! You can’t walk down Plaça de Catalunya or Las Ramblas without being tempted to buy something you probably don’t need. This year we want to make an attempt to make this Black Friday Glow a little more with our #GlowFriday initiative. When’s the last time you consumed locally? GLOW Studio would like to invite you this Black Friday to consume responsibly and help build a community!

For many people this is a new concept because the benefits aren’t always that obvious or convenient. We want to break down some of the benefits of supporting independent businesses:

  • Money spent locally stays in the community. Did you know every dollar spent at an independent business contributes 3 times more money into your local community than any commercial business?

  • Local businesses have roots in the community. They tend to make decisions with their community, people, resources and local environment in mind. This creates a lot of jobs and opportunities for people in the community.

  • Small business owners are more likely to go above and beyond for their clients and build relationships because they are personally invested in their business. Reputation and quality of work are very important to an entrepreneur!

  • Supporting local entrepreneurs who are striving to succeed on their own helps inspire others to follow in their footsteps. They need a lot of support (especially from people locally) to make their vision a reality!

Remember if you want to support your local community, start by supporting local businesses!


Ashley Ramdin