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Valentina visits for a very festive Glow look


This week it seems that I am on fire. Normally you will have an blog post every Thursday, but this week you have two, because yes, it is Christmas!

Could it be that Christmas inspires me? Could it be that socially it is acceptable to use glitter without measure?

Anyway, today I wanted to bring you a post explaining how I made the party look of Cristina Duarte, the soul of the blog of Querida Valentina.

Querida Valentina is an authority in blogger world, her career on the bridal scene is filled with precious details, a delight of any bride for the wedding of their dreams. Since becoming a mother, Cristina has expanded her content towards something more lifestyle-oriented, in which she gives us advice on how to take care of ourselves while remaining ourselves.

When we designed the makeup for Cristina we wanted something very natural, but with a sophisticated touch. She is a person of character, but looks great in these more elaborate looks.

We started as always, before applying make-up on the skin I've already told you several times how important it is for me to invest a few minutes preparing the skin thoroughly. The better the skin is prepared, the less product we need to use to make the skin look pretty .
I am sorry to inform you that there are no shortcuts for this step. 
Essential actions for me: cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize. The chosen products always vary depending on the type of skin, but I have my essentials. If you are interested in this topic I will reveal in another post very soon what they are and how and when I use them.

To get that beautiful glow effect on the skin, I used a thin layer of Mac's famous Face and Body to unify the tone. And then for the corrections of skin and eyes; Maybelline's Fit Me works for me, and I'm delighted to have added this to my make-up kit this past year.

In the eyes we opted for a super simple smoke, I started with a base of creamy eyes pencil in chocolate brown tone, for this the 'Le Crayon Yeux Precision eye define 66 - Brun-Cuivré de Chanel' is fantastic, it is very creamy and has a nice shimmer to it. It's very discreet and already gives a touch of shine to the eyelid on its own.

Once we have a base color on the eyelid, I used the palette 'All I see is Magic' from Color Pop. I used the tones 'Something Special' and 'Wishful Winking', with the application of the shadows with brightness on top of a base of darker color you get a shine with a shimmering effect.

For the lips we choose without a doubt a Burgundy on the lips and I absolutely adore this tone of lips - Burgundy is the new red. In this case I used one of my favorite tones: the Oxblood Lip Velvet tone by Burberry.

As a blusher, one of my favorite tones is the Armani Cheek Fabric in the Diva tone, a lovely plum tone and very flattering for this look.

It was a pleasure to have Cristina in the studio to make this look, we feel super comfortable doing this photo session with Ion Jairo, photographer with whom I work in fashion very often and I am looking forward to repeating it very soon to teach you other new visions of the beauty world.

Keep Glowing!