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2017 - The year of 15 months


We are at the gates of the new year, and it's is time to take stock of this year that ends tomorrow. This past week I have focused on making a plan for the new 2018, and it is not so simple as I thought. This year I want to be more organized.
2017 gives me the feeling that instead of 12 months it has had 15 months, and it is because I feel it's a bit difficult to divide the time, this year from December to January.
Maybe it happens to you also with important events that have happened to you in your life, my year is divided into two parts, when we returned from London and when we opened the doors of Glow Makeup Studio.
The first part happened in the last quarter of 2016, but that year was so hard that I decided to end the year mentally as soon as I set foot in Spain, that September. The second part happened on April 1, 2017, with the opening party and it was one of the craziest moments n my life. 

I remember starting on January 1 with the feeling of vertigo, a lot of vertigo.
The expectations, which I had obviously put on myself, was very high. There was a lot of things to do of which I had no idea how to do - as my boyfriend said - "you are learning to fly whilst mid-air".

Entrepreneurship has it's benefits and its disadvantages, but there is a part that nobody tells you about and that is the solitude. I began to understand that what I needed the most for this project to work was to build my own little tribe, find wonderful women with incredible talent and build a small community. 

Taking stock of the personal along the professional, I find it hard to differentiate these two facets this year. Before I get mad, I know it should not be like that, but in this 2017 these have gone hand in hand, and I could not help it.
However, this new professional facet of an entrepreneur has brought me back to amazing people and has brought me people who are super inspiring to my life, from whom I could not be happier to have found on this path.

All my energies have gone to Glow, my social life has been a real disaster, I have hardly taken time for my friends, neither for my partner, nor for my family, for me... because I have become one with my small project. And is that Glow is more than a Makeup Studio for me: it is my Alter Ego, my growth and my personal evolution, my desire , my disappointments and my frustrations.

I'm going to tell you that I'm a beginner in this business, but Glow has been like a re-birth and an infinite love mixed with an inexplicable terror of feeling that I might lose it someday.

For this 2018, I want to stop being like a hysterical mother and a control freak with my little project, and let it walk alone a little(so to speak). I will take it more as it comes, and go a little more with the flow.

I will give myself more personal space, as Laura the girl behind Glow would like to have more time to enjoy, to disconnect, to pamper and care  for me this year. Spend more time with myself, spend more time with friends and family and many other things, which is one of the reasons that I moved from London.
I hope that this New Year Glow will come out of the incubator, I hope this new year will allow me to carry out the personal projects that are also very important for me and my family.

I'm thankful for all the people that I've met this 2017,

Grateful for the constant and unconditional support of my whole family,

Thankful to have the partner that I have by my side,

and above all ... grateful that you are reading this post! I want to tell you that you are very important and valuable.

I hope that this 2018 brings you above all health, love and the successes that you long for.

Happy New Year, and as always - Keep Glowing!