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A Glow Ritual to survive Christmas

It's not that I encourage excesses, but this December you already know what's going on. Attention, Spoiler warning: We indulge!

In Spain we also have the Olympic medal in feasts, dinners and partying this season. Starting with the company dinner at the beginning of December and we do not stop until January with the three kings day(day of epiphany). It's nonstop and the party continues!

Many of these days we have in succession and we do not have a break between party and party. Do not despair, you do not have to be eating the hors d'oeuvre of your mother-in-law with cabbage face as Lucia B says (I find the the concept of the cabbage face fascinating)

Here is my manual for an express recovery from Zombie to Queen of the Glow.

A good breakfast & The value of hydration


First of all, drink a large amount of water. You probably find yourself in a state of major dehydration, so it's time to re-hydrate from within.

For breakfast, choose a healthy option but complete in nutrients. I will not get too involved in this topic since I am not an expert in nutrition, but at home our favorite breakfast is rye bread, avocado, egg with smoked salmon. Accompany it with a tea/infusion of Equinacea, we love the one from 'Yogi Tea'.

Prepare by exfoliating the skin - toxins out!

Brush from Organic Pharmacy

Brush from Organic Pharmacy

Take the opportunity to gently exfoliate the body when dry, just before showering. From the feet up, towards the heart and with circular movements. With the "dry brushing", choose to make a soft brush with natural bristles. You will have many options such as Organic Pharmacy, Mio, The Body Shop, Amazon... I like one with a handle, because for me it's easier (with my little arms)

Did you know that this action helps you to release toxins from your body, thanks to lymphatic stimulation? This good, weekly habit can help you a lot to improve the skin appearance, and help your skin absorb any cream or treatment that is applied later much better.

After the shower, hydrate your body with an extra body moisturizing balm. I was hooked for years to the Geranium Leaf Body Balm by Aesop. It awakes my senses and leave my skin with a fresh and super pleasant fragrance.


Detox Masks - Your best ally

Apply a detoxifying mask; My favorite is the 'Ultramoor Mud Mask' from Omorovizca, and the 'Ultra Puryfing Mud Mask' from Madara. The latter, a bit cheaper but very effective. The idea of the application of this mask is to help our face with eliminating toxins that can cause dehydration, redness and blockages.


You can leave the mask on for about fifteen minutes, while you dedicate yourself to something else. Do you have to cook? Leave it on while you prepare the canapés!

After this, apply a super moisturizing serum all over the face. The Evolve Hyaluronic Acid is fantastic to balance the hydration in your skin. If you add a few drops of oil to this serum, it is already a combination for skin of ten. My favorite is Ami Iyök's Slow Liquid, it is dry, non-greasy  and helps with dehydration.

Do not forget to use an eye contour with ultra decongestant properties to improve the appearance of dark circles and under-eye-bags. I love and I work super well with the 'Uplifting Transformation Eye Cream' by Ole Henriksen.

Intensive hydration and Ice Therapy

To moisturize, I recommend you use a cream texture as rich as possible. if you have a tendency to shine in the T zone, the Iyök Balance by Ami Yök is perfect, it will provide maximum hydration in the dehydrated areas and has regulatory properties in the areas where you need it most.


Before starting to apply makeup I advise you to try this advice that I learned a while ago in one of Lisa Eldridge's videos. It is highly effective and I use it very often on myself and on my clients. This is the Ice Theraphy technique, or called cold therapy:

Prepare ice cubes made of chamomile, rose water, green tea and grated cucumber in an ice cube tray... all ingredients that help decongestion. Have them on hand and apply them with the help of a muslin cloth (it will prevent the cold from 'burning' the face). Gently apply it in circular movements with low pressure in the area of the eyes and the contours of the face. About ten minutes of application will be enough to significantly reduce inflammation and provide firmness to the appearance of the complexion.

Natural, but very Glowy makeup

For a fresh look makeup but without too much product: A BB cream with a very glow effect will be your best friend today, one of my favorites is the 'Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer' by Nars or the iconic 'Face and Body' from Mac.
This will correct dark circles and imperfections of the skin with enough moisturizing coverage. The Radiant Creamy Concealer by Nars would be perfect to finish covering imperfections and redness. For the cheekbones a rouge in cream, the 'Lip2cheek' of RMS is perfect for its juicy texture and it's easy to apply with just the fingertips.

Do not abuse the powders, just a little loose powder in areas with more tendency to shine and to seal in the corrections should be more than enough.

On the lips - avoid the nude tones (the idea is that you come back to life, remember?) And choose that tone that stands out a bit on you or a lip gloss with a little color. Like red, pink, orange, burgundy ... After all, it's Christmas, is it not?

And to finish the look, do not forget to give some light to the cheekbones. The highlighter, Becca's 'Shimmering Skin Perfector' in the Moonstone tone, is almost magical to return some light to dull complexion.

If you also want to save one of the days of excess, from Glow makeup Studio we offer a different alternative to celebrate with your friends or your colleagues at work: Merry & Glow, a makeup workshop where you will learn the technique and the tricks to be radiant in parties. This will of course be accompanied, as in the last events by the healthy brunch offered by Maria of The Health Studio. You see many examples to show that you dont have give up flavor to compromise health. If you want to sign up, we will repeat the event next 16th and 17th of December, to sign up you just have to send us an email with the number of people you want to attend and we will inform you how to formalize the place. And let the party continue!

Keep Glowing!