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Glow opens with a pop!


At last, the awaited opening of Glow Studio! First day of the month, first weekend of spring (even though the weather outside was more London than Barcelona..), a Saturday - What better day to celebrate that Glow officially has opened its doors to the world!?

Leading up to the event we spent more than a week to put the finishing touches to the studio and to prepare the decoration and choose the theme. Everything had to be as ‘Glowy’ as possible!

The balloon arch idea came from the video tutorial of “The house that Lars built”. We really enjoyed choosing the colours of the balloons for the arch composition. But inflating them we didn't enjoy as much I have to say! ;) In the end the result was so amazing that it was totally worth it. Especially when we saw the reactions of our guests.
The studio was totally stunning and we felt terribly sorry to remove the decoration after! Why do balloons have to deflate?


The food was provided by Monica Escudero, and it was a total relief having her on board. We loved her originality and passion to make the food for the party. Sandwiches were amazing and the beetroot hummus was so yummy!
We also had a popcorn station with different flavourings(also Monica´s idea), and our guests loved to have fresh popcorn with different taste.

Catering by Monica Escudero

Catering by Monica Escudero

For our competition* we made a photocall so it to make it more inspiring to take selfies.

Corks and corn was popping(and the odd balloon), the cava was flowing as our glowing guests mingled, took selfies and enjoyed the treats through the evening.

In the end we are over the moon and feel so happy and full of energy to start this new project. And it's all because of the support from everyone who wished us the best with this new adventure.

We are happy to announce that the winner of the *Glow Opening Party competition is Alexandra Gonzalez who will receive a free Glow look of her choice. Congratulations Alex!


Thanks for coming all of you, and hope to see you again soon!