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Why you should start using Face Oils (yes, even if your skin is oily)

Face oils

There is a bad myth about face oils and oily skin - only people with dry skin type can use oils… and this is so wrong! Oils are for everyone! Sometimes we confuse the term oil with “fats” and that’s totally different. Oils are pure pressed made with botanical ingredients and can be life changing on your skin. Trust me you are about to discover a new world. Welcome to my favourite oils.

Ole Henriksen, Pure Truth Oil

I can  declare myself addicted to this oil. It doesn’t have too much complexity in terms of ingredients, it's just pure Organic Rosehip Oil and Vitamin C, the colour can sometimes go from bright orange or darker red, this will depend of the harvest of the oil.
Ole Henriksen, the founder and creator wanted to keep the process as simple as possible. I love everything about this oil, especially the smell which has a beautiful touch of lemongrass - fresh and delicate.

Rosehip oil is an amazing hydrating component and full of fatty acids, perfect for scaring, anti-aging on fine lines and sooths the skin. The Vitamin C is another great ingredient to brighten up the skin and it’s also very effective with dark spots.

I to use it in my daily routine and I always bring it with me when I’m going away for holidays. It’s perfect for calming my skin after sun exposure, irritation of the skin or as a night treatment.

And of course it's also parabens free and sulfates free. Amazing right?

Balance Me, Radiance Face Oil

This is a great face oil  for all skin types but works very well with acne or hormonal spots, it's very balancing and calming. It’s one hundred percent natural. Which means no nasty ingredients that could harm our skin - 100% pure, ladies!

Very rich in Vitamin E which is very anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and a very good speed up for cell regeneration. It's very effective preventing and correcting dark spots. Contains Camomile to soothe the skin as well as Yarrow and Benzoic which are  both very good antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients. This combination makes it the perfect oil to balance the skin and calming at the same time.

Smells very lovely - flowery and it's not too intense. I like to use a little bit on the skin before to applying makeup if I want a very flawless and radiant finish in the skin.

I also use it when I’m in that time of the month that my skin gets pretty crazy, to balance hydration and control spots.

Espa, Proserum

This is a luxurious oil cocktail full of beautiful ingredients. Contains Sunflower Seed and Echium Oil with are oils full of fatty acids and omegas which add elasticity to the skin. It’s also very anti-inflammatory because of the White Lupin. It works perfect for brightening the skin thanks to the Tumeric and the Vitamin E.

It also contains Evening Primrose Oil to help to the regeneration of the skin with the Rose Centifolia and Patchouli Essential Oils adding a lovely smell and also its a very strong anti-aging agent. That’s a very impressive cocktail of good ingredients, don't you think?

I love to use it for those nights when I feel my skin especially dry or dull. Because of the richness of this oil it’s my winter oil, even though it’s not greasy at all. I just think it works better for me during the cold weather season. You can use it morning and night.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

This oil is in my heart (and in my makeup kit) since a long time ago. I love everything about it. I love it especially as it’s dry oil and it doesn’t leave any residue on the skin, I promise!

It has a wonderful combination of components. Again we have Vitamin E with Camellia, which makes this oil in a fantastic product to nutrify and hydrate skin. Contains Borage oil which is a very good anti-inflammatory, and rich in fatty acids.

The mix of Sweet Almond oil, Hazelnut oil and Macadamia nut oil are great for skin elasticity.St John´s wort is one of the main ingredients, with antiseptic functions and its a strong skin regenerator.

As I said it’s been in my makeup kit since long time ago. It’s perfect to use a little bit as a highlighter for the cheekbones - to create a luminous and sensual natural effect.

It’s also great to use in décolletage and the rest of the body to get a lovely glow to the skin. And because it’s a dry oil there is no danger to damage your outfit. It’s also an amazing hair oil - it gives a beautiful glossy shine. It’s the perfect multipurpose product and believe me, with the amount of products that us makeup artists have to carry around during shoots we love a product that’s a 3-in-1. ;)

And one of the best of all the benefits - it smells delicious. Sometimes I just use it as my fragrance. I have no idea what kind of perfume it is, but it smells very warm and flowery. It makes this a very luxurious and sexy oil.

So now you know all the benefits oils can bring to your skincare routine. I encourage you to try one of these face oils depending of your skin necessities.

If you are already using some face oils, please tell me which ones are your favourites? I’m such a fan of face oils and I’m always looking for new ones!

Keep glowing!