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The most precious beauty product - Water

'BKR' water bottle and 'Eau Thermal' from 'Avène'.

'BKR' water bottle and 'Eau Thermal' from 'Avène'.


All along my career I found myself in the same kind of beauty consultation situations, women who are concerned about their skin and decided to spend a good amount of money in an expensive serum or face cream. All my consultations started with one simply question… Do you drink enough water? I usually received this little insecure smile saying yes, but looking guilty.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound paternalistic but it doesn’t matter how much you will spend in your serum if you don’t drink enough water. Water is a must in your beauty routine and to make your skin look flawless.

Our body needs water, our cells need water, life needs water.

That’s why today I bring to you to simple but very effective beauty products: One its my water bottle from 'BKR' in pink (there are other colour options too), this pretty but functional bottle is more than a water bottle. It helps to keep you hydrated the whole day as the neck of the bottle is the perfect dimension to make you drink more amount of water. This makes it easier to achieve the amount of hydration your body needs. It's also beautiful and a lovely accessory to keep with you on your desk.

The material it's made of is glass to keep it clean from bacteria and also makes it odourless. Protecting the bottle is a nice silicone case which  makes it close to unbreakable. Trust me, I’ve dropped it several times. I'm pretty clumsy, I have to admit.

Forget about all the plastic water bottles that creates so much waste, and also create dangerous residues for our body. This BKR bottle is perfect to carry with you all the time.

The other beauty product I wanted to bring you today it’s the 'Eau Thermal' from 'Avène'. This amazing spring water in a spray is classic from the brand since 1874 and its declared of public interest in dermatology.

Works for all skin types, but it's especially suitable for sensitive, allergic or irritated skin.

The composition of this unique spring water makes it a multi-use product, after sun, after sport, razor burn and even for diaper rash. It's always in my makeup set since my first days. I have tried other brands and nothing works  as well as this.

I normally use it when I have to change the makeup look and there is no time to change foundation. You spray and give extra moist to start working in the canvas (skin) almost from zero. It's also an amazing product to fix the makeup and keep the makeup looks dewy before a shooting session.

In a day like today I wanted to remember how important it is for our well-being this precious  asset called water and be aware of all the water necessities around the world. We are extremely lucky to have easy access to water every single day but unfortunately it's not like this for everyone. Please, let's be conscious and preserve the main thing that keeps our earth alive.

And you, how do you manage to keep your skin and body hydrated?

See you soon in the next post! Keep Glowing!