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Glow Studio has arrived to Barcelona!


We finally here, Glow Studio has arrive to Barcelona!

What is Glow? Glow it’s my beauty dream concept. Glow its my philosophy of beauty, mind and well-being. If you are Glow you look pretty, you are happy and of course you look healthy. For me Glow is a style of life.

It seems it was ages ago when all this craziness started. I wanted to have my own makeup studio in Barcelona but I also wanted to go further and beyond makeup products. To be honest I’m still not sure where this beautiful dream boat is taking me but I trust it.

I moved to London in 2012, with all my dreams and all my expectations “I want to be the new Lisa Eldridge” - I used to say.
London was hard, rainy and cold, sometimes lonely but also was exciting, inspirational and one of the best lessons I had in life. The years were passing, my experience was increasing and one day I just decided I wanted to be just myself: The new Laura Sanchez. However I’m such a fan of Lisa! My only regret is that I have never worked with her as I was planning.

Lisa if you are reading this, please call me. I’m two hours flight from Barcelona! Just one word of you and I´ll be there.

It was almost two years a go when I was feeling terribly confused about my career. I knew I wanted to do something for myself in the beauty industry but I was very scared. It's ok to be scared, It means we take it serious enough to understand the risk we are going take, but that never has stopped me.

I knew I wanted to be surrounded by women, I knew I wanted to go back to Barcelona, I wanted to work with local people and build an environment where people can add talent to my business and feel I do the same for someone else.

And that’s how Glow was born, with a lot of effort, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of hours dedicated to consider even the smallest detail. Of course I had a lot of help too.

I couldn’t have done it without all the people that I trust, they mean a lot to me and they did everything they could to make my dream come true.

So now when we are officially open to the world I couldn’t feel more excited to be in this roller coaster. Some people may think I’m crazy but the world has been written by dreamers.

Welcome to my blog!

Laura Sanchez