About Glow Makeup Studio | Barcelona

Get to know us at Glow Makeup Studio. Find out how we were born, what we are about and our inclusive and natural concept of Beauty. And maybe most importantly, our makeup philosophy. Welcome.

Laura Sanchez, our Makeup Artist during London fashion week


I started this journey a long time ago. I’m from Barcelona but living several years in London has been deeply inspirational. As an artist, London is a city to feel amazed and inspired by art. Londoners are artists drawing their life on that perfect stressful canvas. Everyone has a dream in London.
I had one on my own and wanted to make it come true. I wanted to put my concept of makeup and my experience into something special - my own studio, and I couldn't think of a better place to do this than Barcelona.
And that’s how Glow was born.
Laura Sanchez,
Makeup Artist and owner of Glow Makeup Studio


What  do we like? What do we believe? We love working with skin, untouched skin. Skin is our canvas as an artist. 

We believe in beauty, real beauty. The one that makes every single one special just the way we were born. We think that such a thing as perfect beauty doesn’t exist, you can find beauty in imperfection - after all that's what makes us unique! 

We don’t want to make you look like someone else, we want you to look like yourself, the best version of yourself. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and love yourself with all your perfect imperfections.


At Glow we are makeup artists with fashion background, we have years of experience in our field, both domestic and international, and we know how to deliver the best customer service. We understand makeup as a perfect reason to share moments between women, we love these little microcosms than only women can create when they are having a good time together, sharing and learning.

This is Glow, a state of mind, where we are looking good and feeling good.
Let us make you glow.